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eBay Trading Assistant

   TasTech Solutions Computer Services now makes it even easier for You to sell on .

Your friends and relatives all use  and you want to join into the fun, but just the very thought of computers give you the willies.

Youíve heard the buzz and checked out  once or twice, but are overwhelmed by the sheer number of items for sale on the  website.

You are currently selling on  but you want to improve your skills with more tips, tricks, and seller secrets.


If any of the above fits your situation, then

TasTech Solutions Computer Services is for you.


TasTech Solutions Computer Services will photograph, and place your item(s) on auction in eBay and notifiy you when the bidding is complete.


Contact us for additional information.

TasTech Solutions Computer Services

Tel. (330) 678-4399       Email: tastech@neo.rr.com



As of the end of 2002, the trading statistics were astonishing.


Someone buys a vehicle every 1.7 minutes.

A diamond ring is purchased every 6 minutes.

A digital camera sells every 90 seconds.

People buy 10 CDís and 5 Videoís every 1 minute.

Someone purchases a PC every 30 seconds.

A pair of menís shoes sells every 21 seconds.

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