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Support Sites
Have you ever found yourself in need of an awnser to a computer problem and

you did not know where to begin in your attempt to resolve the problem?

Well here are a few good places to start you off.

Listings to Specific Vendor Sites and Free Third-Party Sites. 

Most FREE Third-Party Sites are staffed by volunteers and the quality of answers may vary widely.


Specific Vendor Support Sites

Third Party Support Sites
Compaq Support

HP Support

IBM Software Support

MacroMedia Help & Support

Microsoft Help & Support

MSDE 2000

Roxio Support

5 Star Support

Ask Me Help Desk

CNet Help.com

PC Mechanic


Suggest A Fix

Tech Support Guy

Link to Specific Vendor Sites
Download Sites Newsgroups



Windows Users Group





Google Groups

Windows XP Newsgroup

Microsoft TechNet

Linux Newsgroup

Tech TV


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