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TasTech Solutions Computer Services



TasTech Solutions Computer Services offers YOU:

Business & Personal Computer Services designed to meet YOUR every need.

Featuring:   Affordable Pricing - Dependable Service - Prompt Response Time.

  TasTech Solutions Computer Services is here to provide a


TasTech Solutions Computer Services offers ALL the following services:

Consulting / Planning Service, Marketing Assistance, Instruction & Training, Business Solutions

Point of Sale Systems & Installation, VoIP Internet Broadband Phone System Installation,

Website Creation & Design, Networking Solutions & Systems, Design Services, Newsletters,

Desktop Publishing, Data Entry, EBay Assistance, Network Installation and Repairs,

Antivirus Installation & Removal, Document Scanning, Backup Drives/Data, Basic Cleaning,

CD/DVD Burner Installation, Hard Drive/CD-ROM/DVD ROM Installation, Instruction/Software Training,

Memory & RAM Upgrades and Installation, Modem, DSL, Broadband & Dial-Up Installation,

Sound & Video Card Installation, Problem Solving & Troubleshooting, Upgrades and more.

TasTech Solutions Computer Services

offers assistance in:

Choosing YOUR equipment

 Set-Up of YOUR equipment

Purchasing YOUR equipment

Whenever possible Service will be performed in your home, saving you both time,

and the inconvenience of packing up your desktop whenever a problem arises.

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